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Fitella Muesli offer a nutritious and convenient option for those seeking a healthy snack. Crafted from high-quality ingredients naturally abundant in minerals, they cater to individuals on the move, health-conscious parents, and children craving tasty yet wholesome treats. Free from palm oil, glucose syrup, or modified starch, our snacks boast a single-composition, high-fiber profile, promoting digestion and overall well-being. Our unique, eco-friendly packaging features single-portion packs ideal for busy lifestyles, housed in 100% recyclable cardboard boxes, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.

From taste to nutrition to sustainability, Fitella Muesli embody excellence in every bite, providing a guilt-free indulgence that nourishes the body and respects the planet.


Naturally medium-mineralized mineral water with an unique composition ‡
High content of beneficial natural MAGNESIUM (170 mg/l) and low content of sodium (6,17 mg/l)

While Magnesium is needed for: 
- more than 300 metabolic processes in our body 
- energy creation / reduction of fatigue and exhaustion 
- relaxation of muscles and their natural function 
- support of concentration
Suitable for regular consumption without any limitations

Magnesia springs in the Slavkov Forest, CZ, where it is drawn from natural sources located at the depth of 100 meters. On its journey from the depths of nature, Magnesia has to make its way through a layer of serpentine ̀ a rock especially rich in magnesium. Magnesium is released into the water with the help of carbon dioxide, a remnant of past local volcanic activity.
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