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Founded in 2020, LARA Trade DMCC emerged as a dedicated company specializing in the import and export of wholesome, nutritious products. Our core focus revolves around delivering premium-quality goods, such as Fitella Mueslli and Magnesia water, throughout the Middle Eastern region. As proud distributors, we uphold stringent standards, ensuring that our products meet the highest levels of safety and quality as assessed and registered by the Dubai Municipality.

Furthermore, we extend our reach beyond regional borders by exporting locally crafted delicacies, including the exquisite Freakin Awesome Dates sourced from the UAE. These delectable treats find their way to discerning consumers across European countries, enriching palates with the authentic flavors of the Middle East.

At LARA Trade DMCC, our commitment to excellence permeates every aspect of our operations. From meticulous sourcing to rigorous quality control measures, we strive to exceed expectations and deliver products that not only nourish the body but also delight the senses. With a steadfast dedication to integrity and innovation, we look forward to continuing our journey of sharing the finest culinary treasures with the world.



"Enriching Global Tables, Nourishing Lives"

At Lara Trade, our mission is to enrich lives and nurture wellbeing by sourcing, importing and exporting the finest purely natural and unique food products. We are committed to delivering exceptional quality and value to our customers.

This vision encapsulates our company's commitment to bringing a diverse array of high-quality products from around the world to people's tables. It also emphasizes the idea of nourishment, not only in terms of physical sustenance but also in fostering cultural exchange and connections through the foods you import and export.


Lara Trade is a young and dynamic company that has made significant strides since its inception in 2020. Our products have been recognized in the ME region. We are delighted to share that our company has acquired the membership and certificate from Dubai government.
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